In much the same way one feels safer and more comforted beneath a sheet, especially in the night and early morning hours, we often seek refuge in what feels good but offers no actual safety, whatsoever. Attempting to conceal our weaknesses beneath what makes us feel better about them, we pile on false constructs: material collections, practiced ways of talking, even ways we teach ourselves to stand in public. And so, over time, we come to believe that we are not truly exposed.
This is an illusory comfort, though, because just as the sheet’s wetness makes everything beneath it visible, life has a way of rolling out curveballs, turns of event that just bring everything to the surface that we thought was safely hidden. In fact, to many around us, it doesn’t even take an event for us to be seen in plain daylight for who we really are. We are walking around naked and exposed all the time.
Similarly, the models’ tattoos have been careful selections, intended to make statements and create adornment, but I see them as a sort of scar. The ink is placed carefully to recreate an artistic choice, which then yields a permanent image. In much the same way, we choose who we will be every day of our lives and, thus create our own scars, as well, making marks as we go. So no matter how we begin and what hands we are dealt at birth, our choices make us permanently visible to others, regardless of what shoes we wear while making them. Sometimes, our choices create artistry that inspires, touches, is moving to those around us; other times we may even be abhorrent. Yet, the shear fact that we can be born and engage in this process of living and choosing is ultimately a thing of beauty, regardless of how hard we try to hide it.
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